Johnny B. Fast: The Super Spy 3

Johnny B. Fast: The Super Spy 3

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Johnny B. Fast: The Super Spy 3:
There’s nowhere left to hide, there’s no more time to stall, Nancy has no choice but to take the Super Chip by force from Johnny and Ackers. She’s been trained by the most deadly and ruthless agent of all time, and Johnny will have his hands full trying to stop her attacks and come to terms with her betrayal. But even if Johnny B. Fast can somehow manage to save the day, the discovery of a secret could threaten to jeopardize his entire world.

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Just released!

Johnny B. Fast 4: Origins Of The Widow:

There’s a beginning to every story: How did Johnny Clunker become a super spy? When did Nancy Korrins begin her brutal training? What drives the Widow Black to be so relentless?
Johnny and Nancy have saved the world from the threat of the Super Chip and life goes back to being as normal as it can for a super spy. But Zarterax, the leader of the United Order, craves revenge! Wanting nothing less than the utter destruction of Johnny B. Fast, he puts a plan into motion that will end Johnny’s existence. Can Johnny and Nancy escape his death trap? And can they trust the Widow Black?
There’s a beginning to every story, but all stories come to an end.

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